Carole Williams

As I pulled into the clinic I was filled with a mixture of anxiety and excitement. I was hoping for an end to my dull aging skin and help with an ever growing double chin. Would I honestly notice the difference?

Well I need not have worried; the ladies were unbelievably welcoming and put me at ease. I was reassured by their level of knowledge and the through approach in dealing with my medical history. Not once did I feel rushed. The clinic is very tastefully decorated. It manages to retain its clinical approach whilst remaining luxurious.

The skin analysis was excellent in defining the starting point of my skin condition. We made a plan. Someone was finally helping me feel better about myself!

I started with the Hifu treatment to tighten up my face and reduce my double chin. I can’t say that it was always the most relaxing treatment I have ever had but the results were genuinely noticeable immediately and would continue to improve over the next 12 weeks. Thrilled!

I also had my ‘bat wings’ treated and knees. I noticed a small difference here but further treatment should help.

Then I had the most amazing Bloomea Medical facial. It literally felt that it was gently removing the dead layer of my face so that it could breathe again. I hope to remove the sun damage on my cheeks. The cream is to die for! I look forward to returning to complete my 10 course treatment.

It was a treat! The ladies are obviously passionate to make a difference and appreciate how with a little help we can all feel better.

I was thrilled that evening when my slightly cynical partner commented that my skin had a really radiant glow. I think he might be booking next!

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